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Groundbreaking science delivers huge cost savings in propylene distillation purification.

The procedure is simple

1.      Buy the VLE data for binaries you require from us ----they are generated by ground-breaking patented science. We call it PPM (pure prediction method).


2.      Download our free TCL-PR simulation software.


3.      Feed in your variables (for example feed mixture composition).


4.      Obtain the optimum distillation settings you need.


5.      Apply the optimum settings to your distillation plant with complete confidence.


6.      Watch the numerous and substantial production cost savings emerge.


7.      Repeat as necessary.



We are aware that your company WILL ALMOST CERTAINLY be encountering many problems surrounding the distillation process in the production of propylene. It is likely that your propylene distillation problems will appear to be arising from feed mixture variations. In fact, this is only part of the problem. We can provide a solution for you.

1. By providing to you free our new TCL-PR simulator program.

2. By selling to you our super accurate VLE data ( produced by PPM -a patented pure prediction technology).

Currently it is well known globally that current commercial simulation programs are neither reliable nor accurate. Such lack of reliability and accuracy leads to low yields, time consuming and risky experimentation, large occurrence of reflux, and hence very and unnecessarily high costs of production. These issues are particularly prevalent in the production of propylene.( But also in all petroleum products).


The TCL-PR simulator is free,

The software can be obtained by accessing our website at (The source code is opened to the users. Access password will be provided using e-mail. Please contact us at

Your engineers will be able to use the PR simulator plus our VLE data to ascertain the perfect distillation settings that you require for each variation, (for example feed mix composition).


The TCL-PR simulator as 3 very important features.
  The first  feature of the PR simulator is that you can fix the optimum operation pressure for each feed mixture composition,( because our  PPM vapor-liquid equilibrium data is so accurate and reliable.) Other commercial simulators will fail in the prediction of optimum operation variables. (Such failure will continue to result in much higher production costs).

The Second important feature is that the TCL-PR simulator educates your engineers about the application of VLE to distillation tower performances. For the first time they will be able to accommodate variations and quickly adjust distillation settings to gain optimum outcomes.

Third feature is that: the PR simulator is free, while VLE data for the propylene + propane binary costs only 50 USD.( See our pricing model on our website).