TC Lines


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VLE data and total reflux distillation data

50 USD/one constant-temperature or constant-pressure dataset

Total reflux distillation data for LNG production using feed mixtures consisting of nitrogen, methane, ethane, propane, butane and i-butane


3000 USD


Total reflux distillation data for propylene separations using feed mixtures consisting of hydrogen, nitrogen, ethane, propylene, propane, butane and heptane

3000 USD


Multicomponent distillation tower simulator (PR simulator)

i)Perl or VBA coding, ii)authoring for the tower performance prediction, iii) built-in P-x and x-y VLE data and Lewis-Matheson method




Pure prediction method:
Satoru Kato, David Bluck, Practical applications of a pure prediction method for binary VLE to the establishment of a high-precision UNIFAC, J. Chem. Eng. Data, 61 (2016) 4236-4244.

Hypothetical liquid:

Satoru Kato, Prediction of Henry's constants for alkane/alknae binaries above solute critical, AIChE J., 51 (2005) 3275-3285.



Tokyo Metropolitan University applied for the patent of TC line with the financial support from JST (Japan Science and Technology Agency) to U. S. A., China, Germany, Korea, U.K., Netherlands, Singapore, GCC (Saudi Arabia, Qatar, UAE, Oman, Quate and Bahrayn) and Japan. Of these applications, patents in Japan, China, Sigapore, GCC, Korea and U.S.A. have been established.